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Care and feeding of hardy palms

hardy palms in winter

Trachycarpus fortunei in winter

While drought tolerant the key word is tolerant read on....!

Thinking in terms of palms I would have to say the one question I am asked the most about concerns wind: a very good thing to keep mind is palms do not do all that well in windy sites.

General palm care

Most like full sun. Palms can be slow to establish.

Although drought tolerant most enjoy summer water. We use a fertilizer program of: early spring feeding = 17-3-6 with micros, late spring = 16-16-16, plus a drink of magnesium sulfate (epson salts) at a ratio of 1 tablespoon per gallon of water in early spring. The epson salts help with the yellow look palms can get.


In very cool temperate zone's winter protection may be necessary for the first several years until some girth is formed in the trunk. Keeping the top portions of the trunk from freezing solid is very important; as most palms with solitary trunks only have one growing point and that would be the upper portion. Chamaerops humilis would be an exception as it is a palm with multi-trunk's which could conceivably come back from the ground. A deep layer of snow would of course be ideal (doesn't happen here) but a simple wrap of layers of burlap, old sleeping bags and the such have been employed successfully. Ideally the plant's are not stressed going into winter, we incorporate a fall feeding of 0-10-10.


The first 1 gallon container is $10.00. Each additional container is $4.50 more. Use the contact page to inquire about larger pots shipping prices.

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